The Freckld Story

In 2015, the founder of the Freckleberry Chocolate Factory, Megan Van Oirschot, appeared on the TV show “Shark Tank”. With an aim to get some business advice from the extremely knowledgable panel of sharks, she set about to pitch an idea about opening stores that offered in-house children’s chocolate parties.

At the time, she had just created a D.I.Y at home chocolate party kit that she wanted to showcase on the show. Thinking she would ultimately be selling bucketloads of her kits, she bought up big….ready for the orders to come flowing in after the show aired.

As most reality shows go, they never go the way you want them to and unfortunately the chocolate party kits were not shown at all during the show.

Left stranded with a whole lot of product and no market to sell it to, she had no choice but to open her retail shop up to kids!!

Starting with a holiday program, it quickly turned into children’s birthday parties. Originally starting as one party on a Saturday, soon turned into two which then turned into three. Demand continued to increase and soon the shop was catering for four parties on a Saturday and one on a Friday afternoon.

All this whilst also looking after a hugely successful, growing chocolate brand, Megan couldn’t deny that there was a great demand for children’s birthday parties in the Geelong area.

In late 2018, it became pretty obvious that the parties needed a better, custom designed space to hold the parties. So the decision was made to move the parties into it’s own location and offer up three party rooms as opposed to the one room within the chocolate factory wholesale business.

Changing the name to Freckld and embarking upon on a new business venture whilst was incredibly terrifying was also cleverly calculated as the Freckld party enquiries continued to flow in each day.

Now offering up to 28 parties a week and showcasing our famous chocolate Smash Cakes, Freckld is THE place to go for an affordable, fun, boys and girls, exciting birthday party!

Parents love it, children love it and you’ll love it. To think that a huge TV fail could turn into a reality win – wonders never cease to amaze and chocolate always wins in the end!

Meet our Party Hosts



Hi I’m Molly. I just started at Freckld recently but love the job and have fit right in as a valuable team member. I love conducting the parties and get a huge buzz out of seeing how happy the children are. I’m studying Year 12 at Sacred Heart College and recently performed in the Footlight performance of Les Miserables. I can’t wait to take care of your child’s party and make sure they leave with a smile!!



Hi I’m Mia. I’m the sensible, reliable and hard working party host who takes great pride in my ability to put on a good show for the children at my parties. I adore children and absolutely love my job because it brings such joy! I am currently studying Year 11 at Geelong High and when I have time, I am a keen hip hop dancer who competes at competition levels. Your child will be in very safe and reliable hands with me in charge!



Hi I’m Adele. I’m the wise cracking, clumsy, hilarious party host who will fumble my way through the parties in a very adorable way. The kids love me, parents love me and my boss pretends to be angry at me when she’s not really!! When I’m not at Freckld, I study at Sacred Heart College doing Year 11 and dominate the netball courts outside of school. I look forward to making your child feel very welcome and special!!

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